Monday, April 10, 2006

Welcome to the TV revolution, finally

I am a little behind the ball here but just a few months after hooking up digital TV (with the 30ish freeview channels available here in London) I was so frustrated by constantly missing quality shows and never having anything decent to watch when I was home that I decided to pick up a PVR. I selected the DigiFusion FVRT95 as it was fairly cheap, did what I needed and in general DigiFusion seemed to be the most popular brand on the market (although that somewhat like saying Microsoft make a popular OS in that there are a lot of people who vigorously disagree). In general the unit does as it should, it looks very stylish in the living room, 45 hours of recording is reasonable more than enough for my use, controls are simple and straight forward. I have had a few issues/hangs but nothing major and resetting it has always solved the problem.

On the PVR idea itself I am as addicted as everybody else, it really does change the way you watch TV. Each night we now get to sit down and watch our favourite shows rather than whatever happens to be on and as an added bonus no ads (if we remember to fast forward, which I found takes some getting used too). It really is so simple yet so useful that you have to wonder why it took this long to start becoming the norm.

My only problem now it getting good recommendations on what new shows to pick up. Unfortunately unlike a Tivo this doesn’t have any recommendation system nor a season pass feature so every few days we need to go through and select shows to record. Overall though it was well worthwhile and I would hate to have to go back to just watching whatever was actually showing at the time. It’s a lot like picking up a MP3 player for the first time and realising you don’t need a radio anymore.


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