Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Little bit of catch-up

I have quickly gone through and updated my now playing/watching/listening lists, which basically translates into my life outside work. As you can see there have been a few changes. Firstly I am heavily into both Dragon Quest 8 and Oblivion. It's interesting to compare the two as Oblivion really pushes the boundaries of a single player RPG by taking a lot of elements more commonly found in MMO games, for the most part putting them together well into an enjoyable game, showcaseing why single player is still relevant despite the massive uptake on MMORPG's on the PC. DQ on the other hand really refines the Japanese RPG, cute characters, turn based combat, liner storyline style down to near perfection without introducing anything we haven't seen before. It's almost like seeing the future evolving (Oblivion) while also seeing the perfect example of the past (DQ).

For a bit of a break from the RPGs I have also been working my way through Quake 4. Like most others out while I enjoy the game I can't help but feel it's missing that special something which would take it from being good to being great. Still it's a lot of mindless fun.

On the TV side, Battlestar leaves as we wait 6 or so months for new episodes. I have also cut lost from the list as it has sunk into a huge hole recently in my book. Every episode just seems to bring more questions without answering the myriad we already have and personally I have lost interest. Getting promoted are the soon to be departing Scrubs which I only discovered about a year ago but can't stop watching, undoubtedly the most watch DVDs in my house at the moment. House also makes the list because despite being the same thing every single week I can't help but watch it.

Finally on the podcasting site Diggnation got the drop as they just didn't seem to have any stories of interest to me (which is actually fairly true of the Digg site in general). Buzz out load takes it place as they manage to put together an interesting podcast every day of the week. This has become my number one source of news over the past few months and one of the few podcasts I really look forward to hearing.

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