Sunday, March 19, 2006

Battlestar Galactica season 2

I finally watched the season finale of BG today and for me is was a disappointing conclusion to a weak string of episodes. This second half of the second season has deflated what was one of the greatest science fiction shows on TV in my book. In recent months we have had a few just plain bad episodes in Black Market and Scar surrounded by a bunch of mediocre outings containing some truly terrible character development, poor stroylines, huge plot holes and disappointing resolutions to long running arcs.

I felt let down by the resolution of the plots involving Roslin's cancer and Sharon baby, both had been running for over a season and to each be whisked away in a matter of minutes seemed blunt for the normally well written show. Then there were the character problems with serious relationships popping up all over the place where they had been not a hint in the past, the morally lead Roslin, abandoning all her beliefs and rigging a democratic election, both Tyrol and Starbuck having serious breakdowns out of the blue, and receiving little support. Finally there are the plot holes, like a known cylon living among the colony, raising support but somehow going unnoticed, all the people involved in fixing the election maintaining relativity high profile jobs and apparently facing no disciplinary action, and a clearly advanced civilization with the equipment and knowledge to maintain (and even build) spaceships taking over a year to build a village that looks like something out of lost and apparently has no defensive capability.

I understand the need to keep a series fresh and that simply running away for 5 seasons would make for a boring show but with such talented and mature writing for the first 30 episodes I am stunned this was the best they could come up with. I'll probably tune in again next season, as a strong foundation has been laid but it won't be with the anticipation and expectation I held in the past.


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