Monday, February 20, 2006

Windows Vista Versions

This has been doing the rounds for a while but it seems that Microsoft have officially settled on the various versions of Windows Vista as follows:

Windows Starter 2007 - Vista without Aero, probably meant for developing nations.

Windows Vista Home Basic - Basic Windows Vista for your “mainstream” PC user, gets the job done. Analogous to XP Home.

Windows Vista Home Basic N - European version of the same, but without Media Player (because of antitrust rulings against MS in the EU).

Windows Vista Home Premium – This one probably appeals to me the most. All the functions of Basic with the addition of Media Center functionality and Cable Card support.

Windows Vista Business - XP Pro, but Vista.

Windows Vista Business N – EU, no media player version.

Windows Vista Enterprise - Business version of Vista with numerous enterprise features, like Virtual PC, volume encryption, etc.

Windows Vista Ultimate – Does all of the above, plus a few more tricks all of its own

(Straight from Engadget)

This has been copping a lot of flack as people have commented that there are too many versions but to be fair one (starter 2007) will probably not be available to consumers in developed nations and the two N variants don’t really count as actual different versions. Realistically consumers have three different options, Basic, Premium and Ultimate each clearly having a defined market with Basic likely to be the cheapest and sufficient for the typical browse the web, chat/e-mail with friends, play with photos, write the odd document user. While Premium is aimed at those who are looking to use the media center functions, essentially serving the came propose as media center edition at the moment, this is defiantly a growing audience but it’s still something that doesn’t need to be in the basic package. Finally ultimate will be those who just need to have the best version and home businesses who would want both home and business functionality. As I’m not an IT buyer/manager I’m not going to comment on the business line-up but to me is seems sense.

In general while names have changed but the versions seem to be fairly in line with XP offerings with the addition of the everything for everyone Ultimate edition.


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