Wednesday, February 15, 2006

PS3 Live

The rumors regarding a PS3 live type service are gaining speed, it even has a name now, PlayStation HUB. I think the xbox live service is amazing, a game live Forza is far more enjoyable due to the fact that you can compare your time in every single-player event with tens of thousands of other gamers and download videos of the top players not to mention the great, easy to use multiplayer modes. The upgraded service on the 360 with the very popular and widely praised arcade system, gamer points in every game and downloadable demos seems to be one of the main selling points of the console at the moment.
Given this the idea that Sony wouldn’t offer any similar system seems a little short sighted but they have been making some questionable decisions of late. It will be interesting to see if Sony can get this service up and running, not to mention finishing off the rest of the console, in time for a launch this year and I will wait for more details before making any more comments but for the time being I am pleased to hear this service will be available as I feel it brings a lot of the console experience as a whole.


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