Friday, February 17, 2006

Maxthon Browser

After seeing a recent recommendation on DT.TV a decided to take a look at the Maxthon browser (formally called MyIE2). Previously at work I had used IE as our internal tools don’t fully function on Firefox, not to mention that on a relatively low spec, overworked business computer the resource hungry Firefox is not the best option. Of course IE has its own share of issues and isn’t exactly resource friendly either once you open a few windows. Having just stated using Maxthon I am blown away.
Being based on the Trident rendering engine, pages in Maxthon look and function virtually exactly the same as IE, this isn’t a huge issue for most anymore (Gecko and Firefox have come a long way in this regard) but is still very handy and vital in my case. In fact the whole browser has a very IE feel to it with a similar user interface, making it very simple to pick up and use, it even makes use of things like my IE cookies (so all my automatic log-ins still work) and favorites, making the transition totally painless. Maxthon then extends and on basic IE browsing experience by adding features such as tabbed browsing, integrated RSS reading, mouse gestures, skins and extensions while somehow managing to reduce the memory footprint to virtually nothing and generally feeling far more responsive than its main competitors. The difference in performance is actually rather staggering, using either Firefox or IE with 5 windows/tabs opens quickly has them consuming well over 100MB of RAM on this system while Maxthon currently has 5 tabs open and is using just 10MB at max and dropping to 5MB or less regularly, a better than tenfold improvement.
To me this seems like the perfect alternate browser to IE, offering all the usability and compatibility that current IE users are accustom to, while adding the sorts of features that are attracting users to browsers like Firefox and Opera, all with performance that frankly puts the big players to shame. The fact that its only been in stable release for about 6 months explains much of its lack of coverage/popularity but expect to be hearing a lot more about this amazing browser very soon.


Anonymous Net said...

Hi, happy to hear that you like Maxthon. We will soon be releasing Maxthon 2.0 a major update (new built)within a month or so, so stay tuned.

2:22 PM  

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