Saturday, February 18, 2006

Latest PS3 talk

As Sony continues to say nothing at all about the PS3 speculation from virtually everybody else continues. Gaming news and discussion this week was dominated by rumors of a xbox live style multiplayer system for the console. Now we have claims from analyst firm Merrill Lynch that each system will contain around $800 worth of parts. This compared to earlier releases placing the component cost of the xbox 360 at around $540. While not a solid indication of price it does seem unlikely that the PS3 will be about to compete directly with the 360 price wise if these costs are accurate. That said a number of the prices look a little suspicious, primarily $350 for a BluRay drive for example, if they really do cost this much, just for the drive with no mark-up, BluRay will struggle.

I think this points to a bigger issue with the PS3 though, that is for a system supposedly due out within the next 6/8 months we still know nothing at all about it, sure we have a spec list the main components are custom parts with no consumer product to compare them to. More importantly we have yet to see an actual running game, the final controller design, a list of launch titles, pricing or anything like a reasonable release date. I understand Sony wants to protect (read milk) the PS2 for as long as possible and showing of amazing next gen titles is a sure fire way to stop people buying current gen product, but at some point they have to accept that the the next generation is here and it's time for them to join in.

Thus far that have been lucky that the 360 has been near impossible to find and doesn't have any truly must have titles but that won't last forever. The Revolution also looks to be coming along well and should be in stores for Christmas, while the PS3 slowly slips towards a 2007 release. All eyes now move to the GDC at the end of march where it's now rumored that Sony will finally give some real details on the console, all the while each time a see a 360 it's looking more tempting.


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