Thursday, February 16, 2006

DigiGuide, Online TV Guide

Who would have thought trying to find a decent listing of programme times for TV shows would have been so hard. Most sites claiming to have this service offered poor listings (unsearchable, little or no description of shows, limited number of channels) and pages so covered in ads it was hard to find what limited information they did provide. Don’t even think about anything advanced like selecting/limiting which stations I want to view or tracking a favorite show.
Eventually I came across DigiGuide who seem to have capitalized on this lack of a free service by creating a rather impressive paid service. They essentially has everything I need with a 14-day guide, detailed descriptions, show tracking and the ability to only view channels I actually receive provided in both online and offline versions. My only issue is that it costs £9 a year (which in fairness isn’t much at all) for either the online or offline version. For some reason the two versions seem to be totally separate and not compatible which it a bit of a downside as being able set everything up in a quick offline environment then check the listings daily and make the odd adjustment online would have been great. Also the online demo is fairly cutback making it hard to evaluate how useful the service actually is. A trial of the offline version is also available which I will be checking out tonight before deciding if it’s worth a purchase or not.


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