Sunday, September 11, 2005

X360 video walk through

Game Trailers sit down with a few members of the xbox live team and get a good look at how the console and controller will work. This is one well designed unit, addressing a number of accepted console flaws. The simplest and most refreshing is the ability to remotely power up the unit, this really is twenty year old tech and makes you wounder why you need to press a button on any other console to turn it on or off. The other classic example is built in support for both wireless networking and controllers, this, again, is really the accepted standard these days and its great to see it being included.

The actual design of the unit and controller look remarkably striking, and should look great in almost any house. This unit really does have a chance of going all the way with the PS3 come 2006.

The video runs about 5 minutes and you can have a watch it here


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