Sunday, September 11, 2005

Windows Vista versions

WindowsITPro has a in depth article explaining what is expected be included in each of the 7 different version of Windows Vista and what market they are aimed at. It looks like Microsoft got their versioning right this time and there are clear pros, cons, and target users to each version, as opposed to XP where 95% of users are on either standard home or standard pro.

The biggest changes are the pro packages looking like they will stay in the workplace this time, offering little that would be of interest to most home users. As well as the addition of the Ultimate pack with looks to replace pro as the top of the line home system. Bonus features here include, free movie and music downloads via a special ultimate-only online club and game performance tweaker on top of everything in the standard home and pro editions. Unfortunately given there will be two other mainstream packages expect the Vista Ultimate to set you back big money and only be included with the most expensive pre-built systems.


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