Sunday, September 18, 2005


Follow on from the massive success of Lost last year it seems every network as there own present day, non-episodic, science fiction show. Given the lack of quality sci-fi shows recently I think this is great, but you have to wounder about the quality of these manufactured shows. Suprosingly there have been relativity good reposts about all the shows that have aired so far, particularly Threshold and Supernatural. First up for me was CBS's offering in Threshold and all quality concerns where quickly put to rest.

Threshold follows a team in field leading scientists (called Red Team) as they try to save the human race from what is assumed to be alien invasion. This is far from the most original premise going around but the execution makes it rather interesting. Rather than the aliens simply sending a huge army they have infected a select few, altering their DNA and the theory is that they plan to simply transform all humanity into their their own race without ever actually having to invade. Given the technology to do so it actually seems like a reasonable way to fight a war, as it ensures the safety of your own people while still achieving the desired effect, and at very least gives the show a somewhat original feel.

Headlining the show is Clara Gugino (Karen Sisco, Spin City) as Molly a contingency analyst who is placed in charge of the Red Team when her alien invasion contingency plan, called Threshold, is put into action. The team is made up of microbiologist Nigel, (Brent Spiner, Star Trek: TNG), wiz kid, astronautical engineer Lucas (Robert Patrick Benedict) and the very sarcastic, linguist and mathematician Authur (Peter Dinklage) . Also staring is Charles S. Dutton as J.T. the national security adviser to whom Red Team reports and Brian Van Holt as Cavennaugh a "ghost" in charge of the military team involved in the operation.

Many people have complained about the shows very sarcastic sense of humor. This element very Buffy feel, where characters often joke at totally inappropriate times, with the jokes clearly there for audience entertainment, rather than being natural in the, generally serious or life threatening, situation. Personally I have no issue with this, I'm there to be entertained, I want to laugh, even if it may not appropriate in the situation. This is scripted entertainment after all, not a documentary, you have been warned.

Behind the camera there is a wealth of talent here, Executive Producers include long time Star Trek front man Brannon Braga and David S. Goyer the man behind many issues of JLA and writer of Batman Begins, and the Blade movies.

This is going to be a big year for sci-fi TV and I will definitely be tuning into this over the next few weeks. I can't wait to see where they take this rather novel idea.


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