Monday, September 19, 2005


Can you say X-Files The Next Generation, apparently the WB can but decided to go with the far catcher name of Supernatural. This new series follows brothers Sam and Dean (WB regulars Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles) who have been trained since childhood to fight against Supernatural forces following their mothers, rather spectacular, unnatural death.

To start with what they got right the show is defiantly creepy, sure it was overly dramatic at times but it did leave me feeling like I wanted to keep the lights on for a few minutes after watching it. Unfortunately that about all they really got right in my books, taking a lead from the x-files the series set to focus on one mystery a week and start fresh the next week rather than taking the increasingly popular ongoing story approach. While this is fine (and massively popular with the general public, see CSI, Law and Order etc.) is doesn't really inspire me to mark it down as a must watch, if I miss an episode here or there no big loss, and I'm certainly not hanging out to find out what happens next. That really sums up the show fairly well, it came across as very cookie cutter, same old one dimensional characters, same old storyline, while it wasn't bad there just wasn't that hook to keep we watching.

Also I wonder about longevity here, where is the show going to go in 2-3 years? There is no love interests, there is no powerful underlining storyline of alien invasion or government cover up and even with all the things a great show like the x-files died well before it actually left out screens. Where does that leave Supernatural?

I know I have mentioned the X-files every second sentence here but that really is what this show boiled down to, an enjoyable clone without much new to add. The general premise will keep me interested for a while but unless this takes a dramatically new direction I can't see myself watching this thought to the end of the season.


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