Monday, September 05, 2005

Some Vista requirements

Some rough system requirements for Windows Vista were split my a Microsoft employee today. Here we go:
- 128MB video card, 256MB for best performance.
- 512MB ram for 32-bit operating, 1GB for 64-bit. Double this and make it DDR3 for best performance.
- SATA-2 hard drive for best performance.
- Dual-core processor for best performance.

These specs are amazingly high even in terms of current gaming systems, I really can't see windows shipping next year with requirements like this.

That said, there will be 3 different levels of graphical quality, the lowest of which apparently looks a lot like XP, while these specs would refer to the highest level. One must think though if your going to make Vista look like XP why would you bother upgrading, aside from the graphics there seem to be very few major additions.

Source : Daniweb


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