Monday, September 05, 2005


A new TV season is kicking off in the US which for me means watching a bunch of new shows to see if anything is worth adding to the 5 or so shows I catch each week. First off was Rome, which I watched this evening. This show is set around 50 BC and chronicles the rise of Jules Cesar to power in the Roman empire.

The overall premise was good here, I can't think of any other shows set in the same time period so it gets a few points for at least doing something different in a TV world filled by clones. The political wrangling, which make up the main storyline, also turned out to be rather interesting.

As with anything there are a few negatives, primarily, this is clearly a cable show and takes full advantage of it, the violence is far over the top, do I really need to actually see people being nailed to crosses? The sex/nudity was just as over the top, it seemed every female character had a full frontal nude scene and there were some fairly graphic sex too. This in particular made my girlfriends mind up on the show and I can only guess many other women are put off by this. Sure it's nothing you haven't seen before but unless it really adds to the story is it needed? My other issue is the massive cast of characters, I spent half the episode trying to work out who was who. That said this does set a good foundation for many different stories and directions later in the series, so is not really a huge downside.

On the basis of the strong storyline I will be sticking with it for at least a few weeks, so long as that is maintained this should at least prove interesting.


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