Thursday, September 08, 2005

Marketing 101

Want to ruin the relaunch of the Walkman line up? Announce it the same day as a new iPod line is announced. Well done Sony marketing. Sony are indeed bring back the Walkman in mp3 player form, and it looks damn amazing. The most striking feature is the screen which actually blends in with the rest of the unit, try and pick where the screen ends and the unit begins, very impressive. Unfortunately a terrible pricing scheme (the 6GB model is only $40 cheaper than the 20GB and far more expensive than the new iPods), will leave this hard pressed to find a market.

Apple clearly controls the mp3 player market and the moment ans its going to take an amazing device, at the perfect price to knock it off. Unfortunately for Sony this doesn't look to be the one, but that is still an amazing screen.


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