Saturday, September 10, 2005


So I have had my PSP a week now and I have to say everybody with one should be picking up Lumines. I have about 4 games on my xbox I am waiting to play through and yet every night for the past week both my girlfriends and I have spend literally hours taking turns at this game. Totally addictive, really sums it up.

Each different actually requires different styles of play greatly adding to the entertainment. As the prefect example she flogs me every time in the 3, 5 and 10 minute games while I win in the longer challenge and single skin modes, as well as (very oddly) the 1 minute dash. Even after this much play we find we are still clearly improving each day, which high score consistently being broken, which really is the sign of a deep, skillful puzzler. Many have called this the new tetris and I am inclined to agree, pure handheld entertainment.


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