Saturday, September 24, 2005


So we are up to number 3 on the alien invasion list, good to see everybody got original with their new series this year. Thus far (in my opinion) we have one very cool series in Threshold and one DOA in Surface. This one manages to fall right in the middle.

With almost painful similarity to Threshold (and Battlestar Galactica for that matter) the aliens in this case seem to taking over human subjects, intending to blend in with normal human society. Clearly not the most original storyline but it definitely allows for good number of twists and turns, as everybody is suspicious of everybody else. Sadly it has been made very clear so thus far which characters have been “replaced”.

Much like Lost last year this pilot left me somewhat overwhelmed, a lot of ground was covered and there is a relativity large cast to introduce. This makes it hard to comment of how it may turn out, it all seemed a little too straight forward and obvious to me but that could be just setting the ground work for a nice twist. At very least I will be watching to find out.


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