Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Google sued for copyright infringement

It seems Goggles questionable policies to copyright and trade marks has finally landed them in hot water as a group representing 8,000 authors is suing them for reproducing their materials without their consent. Google response to these allegations is slightly worrying, they say they were just trying to make the information available to the public and would run links to buy the the books, no doubt taking a commission on each sale. They also pointed out the feature allowing for the removal of any books if requested by the author.

Unfortunately in the real world that not how copyright works, you actually need their consent BEFORE reproducing the material and trying to make money off it. This mirrors Goggles backwards ad words policy where company's often pass themselves off as competitors to take their traffic. Google will stop this, as long as you take the time register your trademark with them.

As much good as google has does for the internet this is one area where they really are in the wrong and clearly just trying to make as much money as possible. I hope this case brings that to light and paves the way for more actions or a policy change from Google.

I do find it a little worrying that this article was running on Yahoo but that another issue for another day.


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