Friday, September 02, 2005

Freeze Dry

Microsoft has announced a new feature in Windows Vista, Freeze Dry. The idea here is to maintain applications and unsaved documents when a system is patched or rebooted.

While this isn't huge news for home systems, where a reboot is only a minor inconvenience, it will be hugely useful in office settings where systems are often left on overnight with unsaved work. This should give system admins the power to consistently update and patch systems without frustrating users.

I know for me this will be great as I have a tendency of simply leaving IM conversations and browser windows open expecting to pick up work with them the next morning, meaning my computer could be on for weeks without a reboot. As a result my work system is probably not as up to date as it should be, but I would be somewhat annoyed to come into work and find it rebooted each morning.

As much as some may say its too little it late I feel it's very positive to see Microsoft finally taking security and patching so seriously, with many ongoing efforts to curb illegal activity and make maintaining a clean, patched, secure system easier.


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