Thursday, September 22, 2005

Digital File Check

The IFPI (essentially the international RIAA) have released a new program that will delete P2P applications as well as copyrighted music and video files. I really must question who the target audience is here, why would anybody ever install and run this? The only way this could ever work is if they basically released it as a virus, but that would be blatantly illegal and subsequently the cost the involved companies far too much. While they are safe picking people off in individual cases a mass class action against them would quickly drain their bank accounts.

The only place I can ever see this being used is by parents on their children's systems, which would suck for the people involved but realistically is not going to effect the volume of P2P trading at all.

Apart from gaining some more bad press and resentment from their customers I really don't see what is archived by this.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it a great idea for any sysadmin who's ever had to try and remove p2p software from a machine!!

8:50 PM  

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