Monday, September 05, 2005

Court Rules against Kazaa

An Australian court has ruled in favor of the record companies in their case against Kazaa, forcing changes to be made to their program preventing the trading of copy write material. Kazza has 3 months to comply. Realistically This leaves Kazaa with three options, close the network, move the company outside of Australia or rework the network to focus on legal files and remarket themselves.

For file sharing at large this will have little impact. Kazaa is only a small player now and most have moved on to networks/services like eDonkey and BitTorrent. Those still using Kazaa will simply move to one of these newer services.

This really is the problem the record companies face, as much as they spend time and money suing users and networks there will always be a new network to move to and 100,000's of people not wanting to pay for certain content, but being more than happy to use when it is available for free.

I still feel that until a good subscription based service is made available, with DRM free files, people will continue to obtain their digital media from the only viable option, free illegal P2P networks.


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