Friday, September 16, 2005


My testing of new TV shows continues this week with Bones. While I'm not really a fan of crime shows I'm more than happy to watch the occasional episode of Law and Order or CSI (well, as long as it's not Miami at least). I decided to try this show out based on David Boreanaz (Angel) staring in it and I must say I was surprisingly entertained.

I went in expecting a fairly weak CSI rip off but was pleased to see a potentially different show that actually looks like it might develop some interesting characters (there's a novel concept). The story revolves around FIB agent Seeley Booth and forensic anthropologist Temperance “Bones” Brennan, think bone collector and you will good idea of what Bones does. These two characters quickly fall into a very Mulder, Scully relationship with Bones being lead by her interpretation of the “evidence” while Booth is more interested in ensuring protocol is followed.

The pilot also introduces the members of Bones' team at Jeffersonian Institution (which is a painfully bad name) suggesting that this is where much of the action will take place. Unfortunately there characters had fairly limited screen time so it's hard to really comment on them yet.

While I was surprised by the quality of this episode Bones could still fall into the classic CSI/L&O mode of just solving a crime each week and never really doing anything with the characters or a larger story. While I find this style watchable, it doesn't interest me enough to be a must watch so I hope they follows though on the promise in this pilot and produce an entertaining, deep series.


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