Saturday, September 17, 2005

The Bit torrent search

Last year I was looking to move to a fully functional bit torrent client as I was beginning to use the network more, at the time all the hype was about Azureus, so I quickly picked it up without really looking at the options and was fairly content. As my usage of this program has grown in the last few weeks so has my frustration at just how resource hungry it becomes after running for extended periods. I have begun leaving the client on whenever my system is on, even if it was only to upload, and am finding that it isn't suited to this at all. After some time it basically brings my system to its knees through its horrible memory and CPU use. So it was either restart my computer every few days (which I find annoying) or start looking for a new client. As you may have guessed I took option 2.

Upon beginning this search it didn't take too long to locate BitComet, a relativity new kid on the block which has quickly become a popular choice. When first launching it I could quickly see why, Azureus had a functional layout but this really blows it out of the water, everything you could want is right there. The biggest addition was an inbuilt web browser with links to 30 or so major torrent sites, sure its not hard to find these sites but its still very handy to have them right there whenever you open the client. Comet is also laid out much more like a full, professional application rather than the streamlined, amateur, download manager feel of Azureus, weather this is a plus or not will be a matter of personal taste but I found it handy as it made most tasks simpler. Those who like looking at in depth statistics will appreciate the bottom half of the window being dedicated to countless stats, a nice improvement on the already good Azureus tabbed system.

So it was all looking good until I started a download, which at the end of the day is what this thing is for. So far my download speed has been around the 10k/sec, well below my typical torrent speed and well even below my current upload speed. This of course may just be the files in question, but its not a promising start. My other issue is that no information is shown when I mouse over the comet icon in the task bar, sure its a minor issue but it sucks to keep having to open the program just to check my speeds and progress.

I have still yet to download a torrent containing a number of files, which was handled reasonably in Azureus but not brilliantly, I am looking to test this soon.

Overall i am fairly impressed with BitComet and so long as I can get the download speed addressed it could well become my new client. I do still have some issues though and as such my search will continue, expect updates every few days until I settle on something.


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