Thursday, September 08, 2005

Age Of Empires 3

The demo for the latest installment in the epic RTS series have been released and fan will find a lot of like here. The first change most will notice is the graphics, which have had a major overhaul and look superb, particularly the water and fire effects. You will quickly also note the addition of experience points and a home city, basically as you achieve goals in the game (collect resources, build structures, kill enemies) you gain experience, upon gaining enough experience you level up allowing the selection a bonus from the home city. Bonus' available vary depending on the current age but generally they take the form of free units, structures or resources.

The other main addition is trade routes, which can be captured to gain additional resources and experience. Indian towns work in much the same way and, one captured, allow for the creation new units. Apart from these addition the gameplay is much the same as previous games in the series. You collect resources in the same ways, move through the ages and wage, generally very protracted, wars. Those (like myself) who find the length of each mission frustrating will find little joy here, you can still expect a good mulitplayer/skirmish game to consume the best part of 5 hours.

Those interested can grab the 366MB demo here.


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