Thursday, September 29, 2005

AdTech London 2005

The company I work for has been down at AdTech London the past few days, which made for a nice change from the office and computer screen. Given it was the first AdTech outside the US it went smoothly and it was interesting to see where everybody was going with online advertising. As expected the majority of large exhibitors were in the paid search or affiliate markets but there were a number a newer companies looking to do things a little differently.

The one who really caught my attention was As the name suggests the company is offering free wireless access through their hotspots and then showing localized ads to the users accessing their network. Basically this is exactly what most people expect google is currently working on but they have been beaten to the punch. A quick look at their site shows most hotspots are within cafes, restaurants and hotels but they already have reasonable coverage in both the US and Europe.

I really feel this is the way forward for advertising and internet use in general, as it works perfectly for both the user (who gets free access in a number of locations) and the advertisers (who can target their ads right down to a specific hotspot, removing much of the irrelevant advertising currently seen online).


Blogger Bunny Dee said...

Hmmm... sounds like some advertising thingy my dad's been looking into implementing in Greece... I did some translations for him recently, but other than those documents I have no idea what's going on really.

This actually sounds cooler than what I was translating the other day... I'll let him know, it's a weird (and really fresh) industry and he'd better check its current status before getting into anything binding...

Although, I'm quite sure that with Google's track record, even if someone else beats them to something they're already working on, they will still probably have the means to be more than competitive, I think, when (if) they actually implement it.
I mean, check where your blog is right now... And blogging is, like, ancient in web terms... ;)

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