Thursday, September 01, 2005

20Mb plus broadband this month

Three UK ISPs (Bulldog, Be and UK Online) have each announced they will have ADSL2 offerings available to the public (in London at least) by the end of the month. Speeds on each service range from 20 to 24 meg and pricing is an extraordinary £20-£30 per month, which makes their offering 10 to 20 times faster than most ADSL at roughly the same price.
One interesting thing to watch will be download limits, as connections this fast allow for huge amounts of bandwidth usage in applications such as streaming video. Anything less than 10 GB a month will probably not suffice for people looking to take advantage of this amazing speed and anything up to 50 GB a month is easily viable without really pushing the connection. Sadly I am stuck on 1Mb for another 6 months due to a 12 month contract but its nice to see these speeds available to the mainstream.


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