Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Sticking with the topic of game pricing, yesterday I picked up a few interesting titles which I missed on initial release. Firstly I just wanted to say anybody in England who likes buying second hand/cheap games should really head to their local CEX store, this is the first time I had visited them and they had some awesome deals.

On the games front I have already lost about 5 hours to Forza Motersport. While I enjoy driving games I'm not a huge fan of the genre as I find most too arcade like and too similar to each other (NFS:U, midnight club, juiced etc). Forza on the other hand takes a huge portion of the GT series on the Playstation and really is the perfect game for people who want a more realistic experience without going totally over the top on tiny technical details. As must as I love the GT series this really is the best game in this area.

My other purchase was X-men: Legends for £10, for that price I couldn't pass it up but thanks to the Forza addiction (and work) I have yet to try it out.


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