Wednesday, August 31, 2005


Sticking with the topic of game pricing, yesterday I picked up a few interesting titles which I missed on initial release. Firstly I just wanted to say anybody in England who likes buying second hand/cheap games should really head to their local CEX store, this is the first time I had visited them and they had some awesome deals.

On the games front I have already lost about 5 hours to Forza Motersport. While I enjoy driving games I'm not a huge fan of the genre as I find most too arcade like and too similar to each other (NFS:U, midnight club, juiced etc). Forza on the other hand takes a huge portion of the GT series on the Playstation and really is the perfect game for people who want a more realistic experience without going totally over the top on tiny technical details. As must as I love the GT series this really is the best game in this area.

My other purchase was X-men: Legends for £10, for that price I couldn't pass it up but thanks to the Forza addiction (and work) I have yet to try it out.

$70+ for a PS3 game?

The publisher of leading Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu has stated PS3 games will be priced between US$70 and US$80, a good 50% increase from current pricing. To be honest I think if this is even close to the final pricing structure Sony will be in for a very bleak few years.

I already find game prices fairly high and tend to wait for platinum releases or hunt out second hand copies for most titles outside my favorite series or developers. Reaction thus far seems to indicate that most other gamers feel the same way, and with x360 titles being significantly cheaper Sony could quickly lose much of its market share.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Revolution details in 2 weeks

Nintendo will finally take the covers off their new revolution console on September 16 at the Tokyo Game Show. After hyping their system for seemingly years, talking up the "revolutionary" new direction they will take gaming it will be interesting to see what they actually deliver.

Nintendo have really struggled in the console market over the last two generations with first Sony and then Microsoft stealing huge portions of the market, particularly outside Japan. While their handhelds seem to go from strength to strength taking on any challenge I feel this console is a last ditch effort from the big N, if this one fails it could be the end of home consoles from them, which would be rather sad given how long they have been in the market.

Monday, August 29, 2005

Red Vs. Blue Season 4

The very cool Red Vs. Blue starts its 4th season tomorrow. For those gamers who have never seen it before you really should check out the first 3 seasons, this really is some of the best gaming based parody I have ever seen.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Star Trek: The Beginning

It actually sounds like the next Star Trek movie might move away from the formula which has been established over 5 series and 10 movies, and not a moment too soon. The once great franchise is clearly close to death and this distinctly different story could be exactly what it needs to get moving again. Hopefully Paramount, who always seem hesitant in moving ST in new directions, fully embrace this new approach and give it the required support and talent.

$1.49 a song

It seems record companies aren't happy to just have people paying for music online, they want to get every last cent they can. Pressure is being placed on Apple to raise the, already fairly expensive, 99 cent per song pricing. At least some of the record companies are pushing for Apple to raise the price on new release songs to $1.49, thats a 50% increase and translates to $14.90 for a ten track CD.
Personally I felt the the 99c pricing was already asking a lot, given the low sound quality of the songs and the DRM limits placed on them. At $1.49 you could probably get your music cheaper from brick and mortar store, which really defeats the whole purpose of cheap, media free, online distribution.

£2.99 to my door

I just picked up a brand new x-box version of Mace Griffin Bounty Hunter for the lovely price of £2.99 delivered to my door. While this 2 year old game didn't set the world on fire an average rating of 68% is not terrible and for the price of a cheap lunch how can you go wrong?
I half expect to receive an e-mail tomorrow saying this was a pricing error, fingers crossed it does ship, but I can't see how they will make any money postage and handling alone must be near £3.

GB Micro preview

Previews of the soon to be released Gameboy Micro have begun to surface with surprisingly positive conclusions. I was initially skeptical of this product as it is essentially the third release of the Gameboy Advance without adding any new features or functionality, but the screen looks amazing and size-wise it seems the perfect take anyway portable. Factoring the very reasonable price, around half that of the PSP and a good 20% less than the DS, this would be great for somebody who doesn't own a GBA or DS. Unfortunately for those who do own a GBA/DS, like myself, there seems no incentive to upgrade.

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Sony run their mouth

As Sony Computer Entertainment's VP in Europe attacks the DS saying its a gimmick and doesn't have any lasting power, sales figures come out of Japan showing the DS has a 50.6% share of the hardware market. The PSP? Around 15%.

Good to see Sony is doing their homework before mouthing off.


While the iPod has made Apple the "in" company again other digital media companies have struggled against the pods perfect marketing. Rio today succumbed to the pressure and shut it doors.
Rio was most famous for the Carbon and Karma players which generated fanatical support from a vocal minority but never managed to make much of an impression on the mainstream consumer.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Nobody wants movies on a tiny screen?

As the PSP release comes ever closer in the UK (only a week left now!!!) a Japanese study has shown that, there at least, there is very little interest in watching a 2 hour movie on a tiny screen. Who would have thought?
As move devices move into this space (we all know the video iPod is coming) I think people will realize there isn’t a large market for watching movies on such a device. Everybody already has a DVD player and a computer why would they spend 2 hours in front of such a small screen? On the other hand short 10-30 minute TV shows and internet videos, easy to watch in one lunch break or train/bus trip, I think that’s where the interest will be.

$2000 X360 bundle

Gamestop are listing a $1999.69 x-box 360 bundle.

What do you mean you didn't buy it?

Blizzard closes more accounts

While I havn't played any of their games recently its still great to see Blizzard continue to take a hard line attitude with cheaters. Over the past month they have canceled nearly 40,000 account across Diablo 2, Warcraft 3 and Worlds of Warcraft. Blizzards constant support of even older games like Diablo 2 through patches, additions and account closures is one of the reasons their games are so very popular, you are always feel you are playing in a fair, working, feature rich environment. Many other developers could defiantly learn from this.

Source: The Inquirer

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Google Talk fun

Those playing around with Google Talk should have a look at these tweaks, some very nice tips in there.

Personally, I have not made the switch from MSN, as many others are saying I simply have too many friends and contacts on my current list to give them all up and move to something new and don't much like the idea of yet another application running on my system if I am never going to use it. Voice communication is the only really standout feature and I don't have a mic, either at home or at work, so it's essentially wasted on me.


Hi all and welcome to my brand new blog. Not that anybody will be reading this at the moment but my aim here is take a fairly casual hopefully light earted look at my life and the things that interest me. With any luck somebody else will find them interesting too.